About Us


"Singularity - where small causes produce great effects"

To achieve more, you often need less. That’s what our art is all about. Focused messages to keep you on track to achieve your goals, all with unique designs that make you think and look great on your wall.




"Never go cheap on your tools."

Even the best designs don’t work on a cheap base. That's why we print only on canvas; it won't tear or rip and is extremely durable compared to paper print. Its raw style lets you focus on the power of the image and matches perfectly to our brand. Plus, the colors and texture on canvas art stand out and make for a bolder visual piece.

Success depends on quality, and all our prints are handmade using the best materials available to make our canvases last a lifetime. You deserve the best.


"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Everybody has downs in life and struggles with procrastination. So do we. When we searched for something to transform our work and living spaces into positive, encouraging productivity zones, we were unsatisfied with the profanity and the poor quality of the "motivational posters" available. We decided to team up and create something different – something better. Real, encouraging art with deeper meaning to power your brain. Thus, Art of Singularity was born.




Our primary location and production is in Colorado, from where we send our art all across the US. To keep up with the growing demand from Silicon Valley, we use a second production location in California. We want to stay focused on creating the best motivational art possible, so we remain an online gallery with no local stores and no resellers