#angry motivational art canvas print
#angry - motivational art canvas print on wall
#angry - motivational art canvas print on white wall
style overview - canvas poster, canvas wrap, floater frame (black and walnut)
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Anger is the urge to action. The opposite of passiveness. It is a fire with great power. Search for the anger inside of you, find it and fuel it. Do not let it overwhelm or control you but use it. Use it to bring up the power you have hidden inside. Burn down the barriers holding you back and get out and move. Be angry, keep burning, stay on top.

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You are subject to your environment, to the world you work and live in. But your environment is subject to you, too. That's where most people fail. Don't be a slave. Be a master. Change your surroundings and let them reflect back on you. We are here to help. Change the walls around you and you will change yourself. Our art is the Point of Singularity, the one change you can make to change the full system. That's what we believe in and stand for. Every single piece is a statement you make to yourself.
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